I have Ataxia(a mobility disorder). Disability Don’t Mean Can’t is my effort to spread a can do attitude to individuals with disabilities.

In the past I have proven that Disability Don’t Mean Can’t and I intend on living a life of a mobility challenged individual that continually defies the odds then share my methods with A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE (we’re gonna have fun too).

It’s a motivation THANG, not a grammar THING! A motivational movement geared to help anyone with a disability overcome any obstacle! By reading this you are making a pledge to live a more fit lifestyle no matter what your ability level! Together we’ll make this happen! #DisabilityDontMeanCant started out as a hobby, a way to reach out to disabled individuals.

Through my efforts of trying to overcome my own disability, professionals in the fitness field have taken notice and we now have their attention!

Disability Don’t Mean Can’t has the goal of motivating and inspiring anyone to have a fun, happy, healthy and better quality of life. It is my mission to help people adopt a “can-do attitude” and our slogan is #DisabilityDon’tMeanCant or for short #DDMC! The #DDMC store strives to bring you the finest quality fitness gear! Check out the #FacesofDDMC photo album to see who all supports #DDMC!

I spent a lot of time down in the dumps but in order to have a can-do attitude One must say “It’s time to stop moping and sopping!” You can stop living a life of setbacks and walls that are standing between you and your goals and you can start moving forward and knocking down those walls! It’s time to take control of your life! “1 or 2 or 56 failed attempts does not mean you can’t.”