Eliza Jayne is a model, actress and Ghost Huntress from Pennsylvania. Eliza has done promo work for many national companies, appeared on numerous television shows, national radio programs, and international magazines. Most recently she was featured on SyFy’s Ghost Hunters Season 8 and Jerseylicious Season 6. She is currently working on several independent films.

Her interest in the Paranormal has also been part of her paths calling for many years as well, which has lead her to furthering the need to investigate and study the Field. She has been able to join different groups and people, and been able to investigate from Gettysburg and it’s battlefield, to the Hudson Valley NY area to the ”The Shanley Hotel”.

She was a new recruit for “Paranormal Task Force” “aka” PTF and filmed several Episodes of a TV Show called “HAUNT U”, which has been Airing on Comcast’s ON DEMAND’S “Paranormal TV” station. Where she and another New Recruit, were trained on investigative techniques and equipment, and then sent out to use their training to investigate, ”Eastern State Penitentiary” in Philadelphia PA.